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GOOD NEWS!  We offer half-day and full-day webinar workshops on;

(A) Essentials PDPA for companies (and how to start without spending money)

(B) GDPR compliance 1-2-3 (Essential for acquiring and keeping MNC or European clients)

Contact us for more details especially if you want a customised program.


The IAPP new syllabus for CIPM and CIPP/E come into effect in September.

We will be offering the IAPP courses with the new syllabus in December.

Our course fee is very competitive. 

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We only do data protection. Because we are good at it.


The "How-to" course in PDPA

Practitioner Certificate in PDP Preparatory Course at Republic Polytechnic


Republic Polytechnic will be offering the 2-Day Practitioner Certificate course for the first time on 30 Nov and 1 Dec

This course is enriched with latest actual data breach case studies and hands-on exercises on real life issues.

You will have continued access to the instructor and support group after the course in preparing for the certification exam.

And access to more expertise from Republic Polytechnic’s unique “Go-PDPA Consultancy” programme in implementation

More Good News!

Workshop on PDPA and GDPR

Practical Workshop on PDPA 个人信息保护法令研习班

You will understand how good personal data protection management can help and has helped business to win customers and mitigate business risks.

One of the most valuable parts of the workshop is the practical guides on how to get started without spending money

Workshop on GDPR Compliance 

More and more companies have been asked by their clients, those MNC or European clients, to show that they are able to comply with GDPR.

If you are acquiring or keeping your international customers, you ought to know about GDPR.

Consultancy and Project

  • Understanding the Law: GDPR, PDPA (ASEAN and China)
  • Assessing Risk: Impact Assessment
  • Protecting Self: Complying with the Law
  • Planning: Strategy and Policy
  • Taking Actions: Program Implementation
  • Making it Lasts: integrate with operations

Privacy Breach Prevention

  • Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Continual vigilance
  • Sustainable Awareness and Training
  • Third party due-diligence

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

  • Customised guidance to Regional DPO
  • “How to work with your DPO”‘ program
  • “First 90 Days of a DPO” program
  • Outsourced DPO functions to us
  • DP Trust Mark preparation
  • Pro-Bono service for Charities

Employee Awareness Training

  • Workshop and Training
  • eLearning for employees
  • Continual assessment

DP Talent Management

  • Data Protection talents network
  • DPO career conversion program
  • DPO aspirant career advisory
  • Contact us for a free consultation at DPO Executive Search 

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

  • Data Life Cycle Management
  • Consent Registry
  • Data Inventory Map Tools
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies


We help companies to protect their precious assets: REPUTATION and DATA.

We specialize in personal data privacy protection services.

Our team comprises experienced professional in diverse background, from Information Technology, Operations, Procurement, Outsourcing and Training.

We offer consultancy and training on data privacy regulations – such as European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Singapore’s Personal Data Privacy Acts (PDPA), and China’s Personal Information Security Specification (PISS).

We help businesses to implement a cost-effective data protection management system. Our unique approach emphasizes on integrating data protection processes with business operations. This is particularly useful for companies interested in data protection trust mark (DPTM) certification.

In the event of a data breach, we respond rapidly with our data breach response and recovery services.

For Data Protection Officer (DPO), we offer hand-holding guidance and change management strategy that is customized to your company needs. For companies which prefer to leave this to a professional, you can outsource Data Protection Officer (DPO) function to us at a fraction of the cost.


We are looking for a few good men and women.

Our team members and associates may come from diverse background but we all have these traits in common:

we are curious,  we will persevere,  and we learn fast.

For Data Privacy Protection practice – experience / certification as Data Protection Officer (DPO); certified trainers; knowledgeable in PDPA, GDPR, ISO27001.

For Data Science practice – Python and SQL programming are essential; knowledge in cloud computing (eg. AWS / GCP / Huawei Cloud) would be an advantage.

If you are an independent trainer or a budding data scientist looking for projects to add to your portfolio, come talk to us.

Send us an email at

Contact Us

Contact us for a free consultation session on data privacy protection

Please drop us an email at:

Topics would include:

  • What are the difference between GDPR and PDPA?
  • What does it mean to my company?
  • How to comply with GDPR and PDPA?
  • I have been appointed DPO, now what?